Cheers to New Beginning of 2020 in January and February At Disneyland Paris

27th November 2019 Off By Mike Hurley

Embark on a vacation to Disneyland Paris 23rd of January 2020.

The end of 2019 is just about to start. What’s your plan for New Year? Don’t you think that planning an escape to make the beginning of 2020 wonderful a good idea? Of course, people do make travel plans during Christmas and for New Year Eve. Why don’t you think of trying something new this time? Wondering how you can make an outing with your loved ones enjoyable during January and February?

Christmas and New Year Eve in Disneyland Paris

Many options are out there that you must count upon. When you have a true sense of traveling, this is the right time to embark on a trip and you get a chance to be lost in the world of childhood. Visiting Disneyland Paris to be jolly and adding some noise to silent January and February would be the best plans to cheers the beginning of 2020.

Wondering what is the cost-effective way of enjoying January and February? If you need a little guide to make January and February fun, check out the dates below for the best events going to be held in Disneyland Paris here:

#1. 23rd January 2020  

Make the most out of the magic of Disney and stay close to the action at the themed hotel. Embark on a vacation to Disneyland Paris 23rd of January 2020. This 2-night event will definitely bring you a chance to feel the zeal. With as low price as £309, You will surely have fun at the beginning of the year by attending Magical Disney Breakaway Cheyenne 2 nights event.

Your favorite Disney characters during magical parades

In fact, you two more options to look at. Spending £249 on Magical Disney Breakaway Santa Fe 2 nights event is worth for your money. Magical Disney Breakaway Sequoia Lodge 2 nights will never burn a hole in your pocket, as you just need to spend £339.

#2. 14th February 2020

Disney Weekend makes February a real fun. This four-day event £319 in the Disney Park often attract people to check out shows and parades to stay entertained.

Magical Disney Breakaway Santa Fe 3 nights make you feel alive when life gets boring once the New Year Holidays have gone. Dine with your favorite Disney character at character breakfast by just spending £339 to attend this event.

Enjoy Vacations in Disneyland Paris

Paris Weekend Break should never be missed if you are planning a 4-day itinerary. The event under the budget of £249 will give you a feel of the holiday. Take a ride and see many of the wonderful sights that Paris has to offer

#3. 16th February 2020

Make the most out of the magic of Disney with two amazing events. To get the swing into the spring, don’t forget to attend Magical Disney Breakaway Cheyenne 2 nights at just £329. Stay at a Disney hotel and add fun to your life this February.

Spent vacations in Disneyland

Magical Disney Breakaway Santa Fe 2 nights at £299 bring you oodles of things to enjoy for four days. Whether you want to take a swing or wish to see the parade, do count on this event on the 16th of February 2020.

#4. 17th February 2020

Ready to have fun and attend 5 events at once on 17th February? You should check Disney Dash at £169 for 3 days, Disney Experience at £349 for 5 days, Magical Disney Breakaway Cheyenne 4nts at £499 for 5 days, Magical Disney Breakaway Santa Fe 4nts at £499 for 5 days, and Paris and Versailles at £299 for 5 days if you are planning a trip to Disneyland Paris. But, don’t forget to check what’s special about each event before you embark on a trip.

Meet with your favorite Disney Character

Now, you have a great idea of how to cheers to the new beginning of January and February 2020 at Disneyland Paris. If you can’t attend one event, look for another. The year 2020 is all about fun. Therefore, save the dates and get amazing deals on the packages you choose to attend the events.